Branding for Success – Course Outline


Branding is all about perception and satisfying the needs of the consumer. Branding helps customers in decision-making, creating a perceived knowledge of what they are going to buy…before they buy it. Perception is the belief the consumer holds in his or her mind about your product or service. People buy one product or another based on the ‘perceived benefits or solution’ they believe the product will offer them. For most consumers, the perceived benefits are unconscious.

Do you know how your brand is being perceived by consumers in the marketplace?

The Branding for Success – Develop a Consumer Focused Brand Blueprint  workshop guides companies and entrepreneurs in developing a brand perception that is consumer focused which can lead to increased sales. 
Here is what you will achieve in this workshop:

  • The importance of brand perception in relation to selling to your customer
  • Identify your true, niche target audience (your ideal customer)
  • Develop your brand USP that answers the consumer’s wants and needs
  • Design a marketing message that communicates your product or service solution to the consumer
  • Create a brand personality that speaks to the consumer and aligns with their personality
  • Identify your brand positioning so you are selling at the right price and in the correct place


This high energy two-day workshop offers a simple step-by-step process to formulate a consumer focused brand by developing a brand blueprint. This training is interactive. Short lectures are followed by individual in class assignments, small and large group discussion and hands-on learning activities.

With a clear understanding of your target audience and what they want, creating a brand perception to match the consumer’s needs through branding, makes the sales and marketing of a product or service significantly easier. 


Who Should Attend:

 Executives, Managers, Retail Managers, Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Associates, Brand Managers and Customer Service Supervisors.